Giving the gift

of resilience,

one child at a time.

Welcome to emPowered Kidz!

We are a non-profit called emPowered Kids. We have chosen to serve the children between ages 6 and 10 because these are crucial years for development. It is during this time when most children lose their sense of emotional balance and resilience. They begin to understand themselves as they grow towards adolescence and we come alongside them to help them discover their true give the gift of reminding them of their giftedness and greatness. Our goal is that each child learns to live well, play well, love well and work well.

We provide various activities and programs where they can learn the basic building blocks of a good life. Our summer day camp program teaches values such as honesty, courage, courtesy, diligence and many more through conversations and modeling rather than classroom teaching. Our motto is that values are caught, not taught, so we infuse every activity with pertinent and individual-focused ways to teach these virtues while having fun at the same time. Our after-school programs, Fun Saturdays, parties and social gatherings all work toward the same goal--the gift of resilience, one child at a time.​ 

*NOTE Our summer Day camp program is temporarily unavailiable this summer, but will resume next year.  Thanks!


 All our programs serve a purpose to build confidence, self-worth and resilience in every child while at the same time providing a safe--emotional and physical--environment.  No matter the background, every child will be enriched by joining in any of the program options available.  Contact our office for further information.​


We simply could not operate without our financial and volunteer partners. It takes a lot of both types of support to operate our programs. The special children we serve deserve the very best we can give them. For that reason, we only assign six children to every trained volunteer or paid staff. Better relationships are created and their sense of well-being is enhanced. A lack of either resource will limit our growth and effectiveness. Find out more about how you can help us under give and volunteer.